VRED 2021 is here!

Pascal Seifert
Pascal Seifert March 30, 2020 1 min read

On March 25th we have released VRED 2021 with plenty of new features and improvements. It is ready for installation through the Autodesk Desktop App and is available in your Autodesk Account.

Speed up your rendering

VRED 2021 brings customers the power of GPU Raytracing and, therefore, maximum flexibility for hardware choices. Read more about the collaboration between NVIDIA and Autodesk in the Blog post from Lukas Faeth.

In addition VRED now supports NVIDIA´s Variable Rate Shading in desktop and VR mode to increases rendering performance and quality by applying varying amounts of processing power to different areas of the image. Read more about NVIDIA´s Variable Rate Shading on the official NVIDIA Developer Blog.

Collaborate easier than ever

Sharing, exchanging & reviewing 3D content with clients easily is more important than ever these days. With VRED Go it is now possible to publish scenes as executables that do not require any license and are valid for maximum 60 days. Simply customize your experience and configuration with overlay menus and shortcuts and send one single .exe file to your customers to experience your scene on their end.

Bring VRED to your mobile! With VRED Stream, user can run VRED on a desktop PC or a server and connect with a web browser on their platform of choice, whether desktop or mobile, and stream the VRED rendering in the browser.

Store, share and preview your data & projects in the cloud! Autodesk Drive now supports VRED Smart References that are uploaded via the Autodesk Desktop Connector. Autodesk Drive offers 25GB free cloud storage to everyone with an Autodesk Account.

Interested in learning more? Visit our Public Forum and check out What´s New in VRED 2021

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