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Autodesk’s Technical Specialist Daniel Wright, also known on YouTube as “Alias Guy,” created an overview video about how Shotgun can be used in automotive design, and how it can help solve common challenges for users in the studio.

Key Focus

This video covers the solutions to common problems key personas, modelling teams (CAS, Class-A & Clay) and visualization teams face every day.

It also provides an example workflow for a design studio to follow when getting started with Shotgun. During this example where the team creates a shifter knob, Daniel shows how easily you can create Projects and Tasks in Shotgun, and how quickly you can assign work to all of your design teams–enabling them to collaborate and share work seamlessly.

Advanced Topics

The video also shares deeper details on how to generate custom pages to show real-time analytics from your design projects. This helps keep everything on track and on time.

Finally, Daniel explains how you can connect many different workflows and experiences with Shotgun. With its robust and powerful API, Shotgun can be extended into custom scripts, automated pipelines and existing tools to build a consistent workflow for everyone. This forms a cohesive pipeline between multiple tools and datasets to maintain consistency and reduce errors in the studio.

Check it out for yourself!

And if you’re looking for more content while getting started with Shotgun, see our Shotgun Support Getting Started guide, which supplements this video quite well.

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Brandon Tasker

Brandon Tasker is a Product Manager on the Automotive and Conceptual Design Team at Autodesk. He comes from a classic animation background working in film, TV and VFX where he leveraged technology to solve the biggest workflow challenges facing fast paced creative projects. Currently Brandon is a Product Manager for Shotgun, with a sole focus on the automotive design studio space.