Autodesk Alias – CDN Webinar – Alias Class A and Class A migration paths

Barry Kimball
Barry Kimball July 29, 2020 1 min read

On Wednesday July 8, Phil Botley, Steve Cobert  and I (Barry Kimball) hosted another Car Design News webinar, we shared a short class A roadmap, demonstrated some new tools as well as generic best practice advice. We also discuss our suite of training material, migration courses and packages for contractors, suppliers, and OEMs alike.

Alias Class A roadmap, training and support

  Alias Product Manager Phil Botley provides an Alias class A roadmap and outlines the future of class A surfacing using Autodesk Alias.

Class A technical presentation

I (Barry Kimball) will present a live demonstration of Autodesk Alias 2021.1, during this portion of the webinar we will discuss what Class A means, a short demonstration of a part gap creation followed by an explanation of the new Surface Fillet G2/Arc section type.

Class-A capabilities

Industry expert Steve Cobert explores a history of Autodesk Alias in the area of class A surfacing and how Autodesk Alias has been used for years to create production vehicles.

To watch the recording please click the link below:



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