ALIAS Create VR – Review and Feedback (Video 2)

Colin Smith
Colin Smith December 9, 2020 1 min read

Create VR doesn’t just make concepts and refinement easier. It’s also a powerful evaluation tool, letting you see your model at a 1:1 scale in a true immersive environment can save time and costs for evaluation.

Our third video is about evaluating and reviewing your work in Create VR. We’ll talk through how to start that part of your workflow and how to note the changes and corrections you want to make. Working this way improves efficiency and reduces time and cost for physical models.

This sets up the deeper dive we’ll do in our fifth and sixth videos, where we look at Setting the Scene and moving your work from Alias to VRED.

Our “Overview” and first two videos in the series are available on demand, if you missed them the first-time round.

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