VRED 2021.3 Update Release

Ananda Arasu December 18, 2020 1 min read

The VRED 2021.3 release provides continued enhancements on existing functionality, as well as addressing issues as reported by our customers. These enhancements include interactivity with the depth of field for rendering, Ambient Occlusion, further UV Editor improvements, and more options for our streaming capability and app. We also provide access to our Python API v2.0, giving you the power to create your own custom environments within VRED.

There are a total of 7 new features, 13 improvements and 32 fixes addressed in this release, almost double that of the previous release across the board.

Streaming Improvements

In the streaming app, you can now set yourself as a presenter and others as viewers, take snapshots of the field of view for collaboration, and share with your team.  You can also create your own web interface with options like color and environment, and layer multiple scenes to compare vehicles.

Interactive Depth of Field

This feature works for both Open GL and CPU Raytracing. The interactive functionality includes an “Auto Focus” option, giving you a more realistic feel to your real-time scenes.

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

More settings for Ambient Occlusion give you better control and quality of images, especially animations.

The video below showcases all this new functionality and more.

For a more detailed breakdown of the features in this release, check out the forum post from VRED Technical Product Manager, Pascal Seifert here

VRED 2021.3 is available now for download from your Autodesk Desktop App.

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