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  • VRED 2022 Release – Available now!

    VRED 2022 Release – Available now!

    The VRED 2022 release provides further enhancements to some existing functionality, as well as introducing some new exciting changes. These improvements include data handling, streaming capabilities, and an enhanced render engine. Improvement in Data Handling VRED now supports Alias reference assemblies and recognizes them upon import. We’ve developed support for texture-based light and shadow baking, […]

  • VRED 2021.3 Update Release

    VRED 2021.3 Update Release

    The VRED 2021.3 release provides continued enhancements on existing functionality, as well as addressing issues as reported by our customers. These enhancements include interactivity with the depth of field for rendering, Ambient Occlusion, further UV Editor improvements, and more options for our streaming capability and app. We also provide access to our Python API v2.0, […]

  • VRED 2021.2 Update Release

    VRED 2021.2 Update Release

    The VRED 2021.2 release focused heavily on addressing issues and enhancements to existing functionality. These enhancements included updates to the Python API, a new UV Editor projection mode, an updated SDK for OpenVR and Oculus, among other miscellaneous updates. This release offers a total of 4 new features, 9 improvements and 19 fixes. Domeble Assets […]

  • Varjo, KIA, NVIDIA and Autodesk are merging digital and physical worlds for automotive design

    Varjo, KIA, NVIDIA and Autodesk are merging digital and physical worlds for automotive design

    We’re excited to announce the outcome of our collaboration with Varjo, Kia, Nvidia and Autodesk – the integration of Autodesk VRED and the VARJO XR-1 Developer Edition. This is a first step towards merging the best of the virtual and the real world by combining VRED’s rendering prowess with Varjo’s high-resolution XR technology. “You’d think […]

  • VRED 2021.1 Update Release

    VRED 2021.1 Update Release

    The VRED 2021 release focused its efforts on Rendering and Collaboration. These two areas are among the most integral to do the work you do, and we believe in keeping you connected and working as efficiently as possible. The 2021 release included the addition of GPU raytracing, a packable VRED scene executable in VRED Go, […]