ALIAS Create VR – VR Review (Video 5)

Colin Smith
Colin Smith February 9, 2021 1 min read

You’ve created the concept, refined it, reviewed for your own feedback, set the scene—now it’s time to share. Create VR offers the potential for collaborative reviews in VRED, and when your model is fully rendered, you have more sightlines on what you want to edit.


Our final video in this series covers the basics of moving your model from Alias to VRED, sending to your team, and experiencing real-time collaborative reviews. (Bonus: a pro-tip about Vsets.)


Collaboration can happen in the same studio—or “in” a studio across the globe. The pandemic and travel limitations have dramatically shifted the nature of meetings, collaborative work, and reviews. With Create VR, your whole team can meet in real time and complete tasks in hours that used to take days.

The other videos in this series are available here. We hope the series has been useful and would love to hear from you when you’ve had a chance to experience Create VR.

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