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Ananda Arasu
Ananda Arasu March 29, 2021 2 min read

The NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference, or GTC, is NVIDIA’s flagship conference. As a technology partner, Autodesk works very closely with NVIDIA, among other collaborations on supporting and testing their latest hardware with Autodesk VRED, 3D visualization, and virtual prototyping software for automotive designers.

This year, Autodesk is featured prominently in several industry tracks, including: Graphics, Design and Simulation, Media & Entertainment, Omniverse, Virtual Reality, and more. Featured Autodesk speakers will include: Autodesk EVP Amy Bunszel, as well as Sarah Hodges, VP & GM for the Production Planning Business Line at Autodesk as well as a talk on XR for automotive. We also have technical sessions by some of our Technical Sales Specialists and Engineers.  The list of sessions is below:

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

Autodesk VRED with NVIDIA CloudXR and Varjo XR3: Unparalleled XR Quality and Data Complexity (S31924),
Danny Tierney, Autodesk Technical Specialist Automotive Design Visualization & Simon Nagel, Autodesk Expert for Visualization for Realtime Rendering

Wednesday, April 14, 6am PT

Design & Engineering for AEC and Manufacturing

Digital Transformation Is Here: Augmenting Human Capacity with Exponential Compute (SS32353),
Amy Bunszel, Autodesk EVP Architecture, Engineering and Construction Design

Tuesday, April 13, 10am PT

Graphics – Animation / VFX / Virtual Production

How open standards are helping Autodesk solve today’s crucial Media & Entertainment collaboration challenges (SS31853)
Sarah Hodges, Autodesk VP & GM for the Production Planning Business Line

Thursday, April 15, 11am PT

Graphics – Real-Time Rendering and Ray Tracing

Incorporating Real-Time Ray Tracing in Autodesk’s Next Generation Viewport System (S31676),
Henrik Edstrom, Autodesk Senior Software Architect, Graphics Technology & Mauricio Vives, Autodesk Senior Principal Engineer

Available on demand starting April 12, 10am PT

Media & Entertainment

Production Rendering on GPU with Arnold (SS31513),
Adrien Herubel, Autodesk Principal Software Engineer

Available on demand starting April 12, 10am PT

Simulation for Collaborative Design

Plumbing the Metaverse with USD panel (S3194),
Susanna Holt, VP Autodesk Forge

Monday, April 12, 10am PT

Other panelists include: Pixar, Volvo, Adobe, IKEA, Foster + Partners, Bentley, and others. Moderated by VentureBeat.

Graphics – Production Rendering and Ray Tracing

The Future of GPU Ray Tracing panel (S32707),
Adrien Herubel, Autodesk Principal Software Engineer

Monday, April 12, 12 noon PT

Other panelists include: NVIDIA, Otoy, Chaos Group, Redshift, and Blizzard


The Business Side of Omniverse panel (S32195),
Sarah Hodges, VP & GM – Monday

April 12, 12 noon PT

Other panelists include: Lenovo, Dell, HP, Bentley, NetAllied. Moderated by Richard Kerris, NVIDIA

You can find all the sessions here:

This promises to be a great conference with a lot of amazing content … Register for the free event here:

Once registered, you can view and schedule all the individual sessions directly, or bookmark them for on-demand viewing.

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