VRED 2022 Release – Available now!

Ananda Arasu
Ananda Arasu April 15, 2021 1 min read

The VRED 2022 release provides further enhancements to some existing functionality, as well as introducing some new exciting changes. These improvements include data handling, streaming capabilities, and an enhanced render engine.

Improvement in Data Handling

VRED now supports Alias reference assemblies and recognizes them upon import. We’ve developed support for texture-based light and shadow baking, which enables better quality renders in both CPU and GPU rendering. We also have a new UV set for this new light map.     

The video below highlights these enhancements.

Rendering Improvements

We’ve improved visual quality with a brand-new version of the shader model, for better handling of reflections. Improvements in the handling of caustics, as well as support for ray files, rounds out these improvements in image quality.

Check out the video below for details.

Expanded Streaming Capabilities

We have made significant improvements to VRED’s streaming capabilities. These include a new user interface for the app, screenshots, annotations, a frame counter for performance monitoring, use of the alpha channel for scene compares and more.

See these enhanced capabilities in the video below

For a more detailed breakdown on the features in this release, check out the forum post from VRED Technical Product Manager, Pascal Seifert here.

To hear more about the details of the VRED 2022 release and more, register for our Automotive Innovation Forum virtual event, taking place on April 28th and 29th 2021.

VRED 2022 is available now for download from your Autodesk Desktop App.

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