AIF 2021: VRED keynote

April 28, 2021

1 min read

What’s the future of automotive design? We dove into it at our 2021 Automotive Innovation Forum.  

VRED PM Lukas Fäth discussed the three key focuses for VRED over the last year, shared what’s new and explored how to make the most of VRED’s core offerings: 

  1. Realizing efficiencies in the Design Studio and beyond. How? By bringing the tools of the Design Studio closer together. That means seamless data exchange between Alias and VRED. Data preparation for breathtaking visuals. Improving the PLMXML workflows and support.  to streamline data and make workflows smoother and more efficient.  
  1. Supporting educated decision making with digital prototypes. As VRED has evolved over the last fifteen years to be the end-to-end visualization backbone of the development process, we’ve integrated new technologies while maintaining our core value: reliable visualization quality for informed decisions on digital prototypes. You can now experience your prototype in Extended Reality (XR). And we’ve updated for two real-time effects that improve realism in rasterization rendering. 
  1. Democratizing visualization means enabling anyone, anywhere, at any time to access, interact with and collaborate on VRED visualizations. We’ve reduced the dependency on hardware and expertise, improved existing and integrated new technology for VRED’s Webserver and API, streaming capabilities and Cloud usage. Our feature set allow you to change configurations, play animations, annotate, take snapshots and adjust streaming quality to your needs.   

Stay tuned for additional product demonstrations, deep-dive videos and best practices that you can watch on demand.  

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