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  • The smart city: Mobility, infrastructure, opportunity

    In our first conversation with the APMA’s Colin Dhillon, Ananda Arasu and I talked about Society 5.0 and its implications for technology and design. We had the chance to talk with Colin again about smart cities, the future of mobility, and how we can get closer to a more sustainable, ethical future with (not despite) […]

  • Creation of the ETRAXX – Part 2

    This is Part 2 of our podcast with Florian Coenen, Technical Marketing Manager. In Part 1 of our podcast, we introduced you to the ETRAXX. We talked through the process behind the design, what design elements inspired it, initial sketching, and moving those sketches into a CAD environment. That’s where we’re picking up for Part […]

  • Coming soon: Behind the scenes with automotive and transportation designer Mike Turner

    We’re delighted to share with you this teaser from Mike Turner, Senior Designer with DGDesign. An industrial designer with 24 years’ experience working primarily in automotive and non-automotive design sectors—passenger rail vehicle, motorcycle, construction machinery, off-road vehicle, to name just a few. A self-described “Alias Pilot for the past 23 years,” Mike is relatively new […]

  • Taking Alias to the next level – a webinar

    On July 21st, the Alias team hosted a webinar to share some tips on using a few Alias tools: Working in a team environment and working with Engineering information via Reference Manager Exploring the Surface Continuity Locator improvements Reviewing enhancements to the Align Tool Check out this replay, complete with demos, below. Stay tuned for […]

  • “Make anything”: Project Arrow and Autodesk Technology Centers

    What does it take to support a sustainable mobility contest run by the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA)? Practical guidance. Industry insights. Product team expertise. Cue the Autodesk Technology Centers. This natural collaboration resulted from a conversation between Vanessa Sigurdson, Development Manager for the Technology Center and Jason MacFarlane, Head of Advanced Manufacturing for Venture […]

  • Tales of a car designer working remotely

    by Peter Spriggs The pandemic introduced millions around the world to remote working, no longer being able to stay within proximity to colleagues necessitated the change to working from home… and for many, it uncovered a surprising truth, working from home does not have to negatively impact productivity.    I’m no stranger to remote work, in […]

  • AIF 2021: VRED keynote

    What’s the future of automotive design? We dove into it at our 2021 Automotive Innovation Forum.   VRED PM Lukas Fäth discussed the three key focuses for VRED over the last year, shared what’s new and explored how to make the most of VRED’s core offerings:  Realizing efficiencies in the Design Studio and beyond. How? By […]

  • Car Design Dialogues: EMEA virtual event

    On the heels of the incredibly successful Car Design News Car Design Dialogues event held for North America in December, CDN is hosting another virtual event for its customers in Europe March 17th and 18. Car Design News has been well known for their Designer Night Events around the major auto shows. Held around the […]

  • Varjo, KIA, NVIDIA and Autodesk are merging digital and physical worlds for automotive design

    We’re excited to announce the outcome of our collaboration with Varjo, Kia, Nvidia and Autodesk – the integration of Autodesk VRED and the VARJO XR-1 Developer Edition. This is a first step towards merging the best of the virtual and the real world by combining VRED’s rendering prowess with Varjo’s high-resolution XR technology. “You’d think […]

  • Create your own tools in Alias

    I’ve been a Dynamo enthusiast for years, so I’ve had the chance to learn the ins and outs of everything that Dynamo can do inside Alias. We know a number of our users might not have that experience and aren’t aware of the many ways Dynamo can make their work easier, better, stronger. Because Dynamo […]

  • 904e – a masterclass in collaborative digital concept design

    If you want to see industrial design, automotive concepts AND digital rendering all in one place, look no further than the portfolio of award-winning senior designer Mike Turner. I’ve enjoyed a 20 year+ professional relationship with Mike that comes with a high regard for the simplicity and clarity of his designs. It’s been a pleasure […]