Dynamo: Creating well-defined patterns using curves

Michael Guenther
Michael Guenther June 4, 2021 1 min read

In my last blog and video, I shared how to apply any pattern across multiple surfaces in an easy way.

As the pattern to be applied needs to be created first, I thought it might be helpful to show how to create a well-defined pattern using curves. I will share the script below and show you how to use it to create points on curves at specific positions. 

The shown script is basically a first version of the Alias Path Array tool as a Dynamo Player script. As Path Array doesn’t support creating points, this script would have been needed anyway. On top of the ability to create points, it offers the option to extend it for non-linear options later on. 

The script to create points on curve can be found here. And this video demonstrates how to use the script:

Next up: I will create a Dynamo Player version of the Array tool, for the same reasons as those mentioned above. Once ready, I will also share it here with you, for you to try out.

If you missed my overview of Dynamo Player, watch it here.

For more about Dynamo Player in the Alias 2021.2 release, go here.

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