Solving Pattern Application Across Different Surfaces

Michael Guenther
Michael Guenther December 7, 2020 1 min read

One of the most common problems users have had with Dynamo, Grasshopper, and similar tools is how to apply patterns across different target surfaces so that it looks natural and authentic. This issue arises most frequently with interior design, when we want to place patterns (say, a logo) across the interior of a door.

Usually, it’s easy to place patterns on a single surface, because there is only one parameter space. We tend to want to place patterns or objects across multiple surfaces, though. And that’s where the challenge is. Writing a script to solve this requires a fair bit of expertise—and writing one for each scenario where this issue arises.

When you have more than one surface on which to apply these patterns, you face a series of questions: do they have to be connected? How do you ensure that the pattern distributes equally? When you have these different surfaces—big and small—your distribution needs to be independent from the surface mathematics. In the past, scripts were written to deal with a particular geometry (e.g. applying a company logo at the inside of a car door), but those solutions only applied to that specific scenario.

That’s why a colleague of mine, Andrzej Samsonowicz, and I took this on as a personal challenge, and we’ve created a script that can solve this common issue in any scenario. This video shows you how it works and how you can begin using it:

The script itself is attached to this forum post.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing videos that feature specific problems or missing features in Alias—and how I solve them using Dynamo. These detailed videos will explore how to navigate common roadblocks, use different approaches, and make the most out of Dynamo’s unique features.

If you missed my overview of Dynamo Player, watch it here.

And for more about Dynamo Player in the Alias 2021.2 release, go here.



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