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Brandy Ryan September 17, 2021 1 min read

Being in contact with our customers and supporting them as they work are our top priorities on the VRED Product team. We wanted to take the time to share some of these resources and communities. 

Community - voices

NEW: If you’re new to Autodesk VRED and are curious about what it does, you can find a good high-level overview and learn more on our Product Page

LATEST: To get the latest product news and tutorials, you can follow us on our official YouTube channel and check the Online Help, where all new features are explained in-depth. 

FEATURES / QUESTIONS: If you’re already an Autodesk VRED user and are looking for more information on a specific feature, API or facing a particular problem, you can check our Online HelpYou can also raise your question in the Public Forum and interact with others including the product team.   

IDEAS: If you have ideas to improve Autodesk VRED or see interesting technology trends, feel free to raise it in our Idea Station.   

ACCESS: The Public Forumand Idea Stationcan be easily accessed from within VRED. Simply go to Help > Community > Forum in the main menu bar. 

INTERACT: Sharing is caring! If you like to share your work, have or are looking for job opportunities, LinkedIn is the place to get in touch with many industry experts. Just hashtag #vred to make sure others see you and join the Autodesk VRED Users group. 


MORE: You still can´t get enough and want to receive more information about Autodesk Automotive products and industry news? Check out the Design Studio Blog and follow us on Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter

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