Think beyond: Automotive Innovation Forum 2022

May 4, 2022

1 min read

Automotive Innovation Forum event image. Grey and black electric vehicle plugged into power station via a green cord. Power station is a slim grey column. Visual shows radiating green lines in circles out from the power station, indicating the power status of the car.

With so much disruption in industries across the world, businesses are being challenged to Think Beyond.

The 2022 Automotive Innovation Forum (AIF) aims to do just that.

This limited, in-person event in Munich features industry leaders and in-demand guest speakers, including:

Autodesk’s Marek Trawny, Brandon Tasker, Phil Botley and Lukas Fäth will talk about the latest for the agile design studio and our product solutions.

Image of a white person with slight beard in front of a computer monitor. Person is wearing a blue hoodie. Monitor shows a software application for car design. In the centre of the screen, against a white background, is a digital model of a black and white car in diagnostic shading render mode with radiating lines on its surfaces.

Space is limited, so register now!

But if you’re not able to make the live event, we are providing a rich on-demand experience to follow AIF. This experience will offer access to product demonstrations, deep-dive videos and best practices that you can watch anytime, anywhere.

Automotive Innovation Forum event image. Image of a futuristic black car with white lines on its roof. There don't seem to be any windows. The car's wheels and trunk have blue detailing. There are two robotic arms above the car, with their claws open.

Register now for the Automotive Innovation Forum live in Munich – and bookmark the Autodesk Design Studio blog to know when the on-demand experience drops. You can also subscribe to our Alias and VRED YouTube channels.

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