LinkedIn: Announcing Autodesk Automotive

June 3, 2022

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We know the value of community.

It’s why we share videos and content on various social channels, creating hubs of Autodesk Automotive content for our community, you, to access and discuss with each other.

We also know the importance of professional connections.

It’s why we engage with our partners and collaborators to stay on top of the latest trends and disruptions, sharing new developments and technologies.

And it’s why we’re delighted to announce our new Autodesk Automotive LinkedIn page.

This page will be a central resource for Autodesk Automotive, where we can share stories, resources and tips from our Design Studio blog and YouTube channels.

It allows us to showcase our partners and collaborators – their expertise, projects and products.

And it gives us a chance to connect with you and to connect you with each other.

Our community matters. Check us out on LinkedIn and bookmark the Autodesk Design Studio blog to access stories, training and updates as they’re released. You can also subscribe to our Alias and VRED YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook.

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