Learn Alias and VRED at home: Autodesk releases Alias and VRED Learning Editions

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What they are, how they work, who can access

What kind of Learning Edition software is Autodesk releasing?

We’ve heard from a lot of people that they would love to have access to these licenses to use on their own time for their private, non-commercial projects. We’ve set in place a mechanism to allow people the flexibility and convenience to learn Alias and VRED at their own pace.

What’s the purpose of the Learning Editions release?

Alias and VRED are career software: you learn it, you live with it and you mature with it (and it with you!) These are fundamentally artistic tools. With experience and practice, you get better and better at using them—whether it’s rendering and lighting from a VRED perspective or surfacing and sculpting from an Alias perspective.

Why release Alias and VRED Learning Editions now?

Who are the Learning Editions of Alias and VRED meant for?

We also think about the user who maybe isn’t using Alias and VRED currently but wants to learn them in their own time at home, with a view to progressing their career and going into surfacing or visualization.

Are there limitations to the Alias and VRED Learning Editions?

We wanted people to really understand the Alias and VRED workflows as they happen in the industry. So we’re just limiting the export capability—you can only save it in its native format.

And there will be a watermark on VRED renderings, but you can import any data you want, any engineering data you work with in a normal workflow.

So you can make the model, visualize and share it. We’re hoping this helps users pitch themselves and their work.

So the software is otherwise the same as the Alias and VRED commercial versions?

Users can explore all the features of the software without limitations. And we’ve got lots of training collateral to support that journey.

Let’s talk Alias and VRED training materials

If you want to learn about Class A, go here. If you want to see Mike Turner’s VRED workflow videos, go here.

How do new users start using the Alias and VRED Learning Editions?

YouTube is also a great source of videos and guides, but straight out of the box, we’ve got you covered.

Final thoughts on Alias and VRED Learning Editions

Alias and VRED have long histories and reputations that continue to adapt to the changing needs of their users. These programs aim to set you up for life as a designer or modeler. You can walk into any company and begin to work, but also, critically, you develop and refine the skills you need for surface modeling, building geometry, visualizing realistic digital prototypes, etc. These provide a great foundation for other software.

Download Alias & VRED Learning Editions to get started.

For Alias, click here.

For VRED, click here.

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