Autodesk automotive, fall ROUND UP

Brandy Ryan December 15, 2022 1 min read

What we’re excited about, inspired by and looking forward to. Here’s a glimpse at some of the ideas that were passed around our product team this fall in team chats and conversations.

  1. The new Bugatti design workflow — entirely digital
  2. Ford South Africa studio video
  3. First EV from GM Partnership
  4. Autodesk Learning Editions get a shout-out from Neil Cross
  5. Pininfarina’s Electric “supercar”
  6. Jurassic Punk trailer: not just the story of rebel animator, “Spaz” Williams, Jurassic Punk showcases the early days of Alias and its impact on entertainment
  7. Wondering if VRED expertise is an asset for designers? For CMF Designers at Aston Martin, it’s a requirement
  8. Car Design News panel on connected technologies for automotive design
  9. VRED and VR enabled Honda’s designers to continue to collaborate and innovate during the pandemic
  10. Not just for automotive – a behind-the-scenes look at Darkstar, the hypersonic jet in Top Gun: Maverick, from Daniel Simo
  11. New way of manufacturing automotive underbodies

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