Category: Advanced SKILLS

  • Autodesk Alias training material

    For those of you who follow Autodesk Alias on social media, you will probably be aware of the many YouTube videos we have on the Alias channel.  There are several Deep Dive as well as What’s New videos available. Autodesk Alias YouTube Channel What you may not be aware of, is the many training resources […]

  • PAUSE: Dynamo tips for Alias

    Our new PAUSE series aims to share Design Studio Blog posts you may have missed. It’s a chance for you to pause on a particular subject or series and take it in. PAUSE on Dynamo for Alias Autodesk QA Automotive Manager Michael Guenther-Geffers created a three-part series on some perhaps unfamiliar benefits to using Dynamo […]

  • Behind the scenes with Mike Turner: Decals & dirt

    In episode 03 of his second series, Senior Designer Mike Turner showcased how VRED manages shadow plot development, a key area for ISO sightline assessments. Here in episode 04, Mike turns to a personal project to walk through decal application in VRED, as well as sharing a simple technique to apply dirt and scratches to […]

  • Behind the scenes with Mike Turner: Digital shadow plots

    In episode 02 of his second series, Senior Designer Mike Turner walked us through how he works with large data sets in VRED. Here in episode 03, Mike focuses on the business of developing shadow plots within VRED. Shadow plots are key for ISO sightline assessments, because good visibility characteristics deliver safer products. And safer […]

  • Behind the scenes with Mike Turner: Working with large data sets

    In Episode 1 of his second VRED series, DGDesign Senior Designer Mike talks about his work on off-highway vehicles, including a small range of bulldozers, a battery electric vehicle concept, and a radical mid-cab dozer project. Episode 2 goes deeper on working with large data sets, including a walk-through of how you can use Alias […]

  • Create your own tools in Alias

    I’ve been a Dynamo enthusiast for years, so I’ve had the chance to learn the ins and outs of everything that Dynamo can do inside Alias. We know a number of our users might not have that experience and aren’t aware of the many ways Dynamo can make their work easier, better, stronger. Because Dynamo […]