PAUSE: Dynamo tips for Alias

Brandy Ryan Brandy Ryan November 10, 2022

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Our new PAUSE series aims to share Design Studio Blog posts you may have missed.

It’s a chance for you to pause on a particular subject or series and take it in.

PAUSE on Dynamo for Alias

Autodesk QA Automotive Manager Michael Guenther-Geffers created a three-part series on some perhaps unfamiliar benefits to using Dynamo in Alias.

In his first post, Create your own tools in Alias! Overview and insights, Michael offers an overview of the series and some insight on the value Dynamo can bring to your Alias workflow.

In his second post, Solving Pattern Application Across Different Surfaces, Michael takes up the challenge Alias users have faced when applying patterns across different target surfaces. With his colleauge Andrzej Samsonowicz, Michael created a script that can solve this common issue in any scenario.

And in his third post, Creating Well-Defined Patterns Using Curves, Michael shows you how to create points on surfaces at specific positions.

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