Coming soon: Behind the scenes with automotive and transportation designer Mike Turner

Brandy Ryan September 7, 2021 1 min read

We’re delighted to share with you this teaser from Mike Turner, Senior Designer with DGDesign. An industrial designer with 24 years’ experience working primarily in automotive and non-automotive design sectors—passenger rail vehicle, motorcycle, construction machinery, off-road vehicle, to name just a few.

A self-described “Alias Pilot for the past 23 years,” Mike is relatively new to VRED but keen to share some insights, techniques, and practical tips. Mike’s a big believer in continuous learning, and his insights are all based on exploring the software himself. His passion for engaging with the VRED community has created this opportunity to hear from him directly.

Mike Turner – VRED Video Podcast Teaser

Over the next months, Mike’s going to release a series of videos with tips designed to help smooth out your workflow, give you a nicer output, and tackle more ambitious imaging techniques. He’ll also share industry insights about using VRED as a designer and show some work on some recent projects.

Bonus: Like many designers, Mike also has personal projects where he uses VRED to really experiment and play around with the program. He’ll share some of those after-hours discoveries, including the strengths and struggles of his work with VRED.

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