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Autodesk Education Autodesk Education March 2, 2022

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Advanced Manufacturing Jobs - Humanmade

Manufacturing is undergoing a digital makeover. This accelerated digitization of a traditionally “offline” industry has created a growing skills gap—and manufacturing professionals increasingly need both mechanical and software skills with certifications to succeed.

That’s where Humanmade comes in. Home to San Francisco’s first advanced manufacturing training center, Humanmade offers the hands-on training, tools, and facilities to create and advance the next generation of inventors, designers, makers, and manufacturers. With 80% of participants coming from underserved communities, Humanmade connects local community members to in-demand advanced manufacturing technology jobs they may not otherwise be able to access.

To empower the next generation of manufacturers, Autodesk has partnered with Humanmade on the Next Generation Manufacturing™ Training Programs, two credentialed three-month advanced training programs. Participants learn about CAD/CAM software and gain experience that can help them land jobs in computer numerical control (CNC) machining and advanced manufacturing. They move toward mastering Fusion 360 software and graduate with an industry-recognized, role-based Autodesk certification, which validates their advanced manufacturing skills to potential employers.

Since teaming with Autodesk, Humanmade has placed 30% more of their graduates into manufacturing jobs. Certified graduates have also negotiated as much as 50% higher salaries. These programs give them the in-demand skills that they need to create meaningful, long-term careers.

Watch the video to learn more about the advanced manufacturing training and certification program and to hear Humanmade graduates share their career success stories.

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