Category: Customer Stories

  • How YIT uses Spacemaker on infill projects

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:  The project developer and construction company YIT operates in nine European countries, building apartments, commercial premises, public buildings, and infrastructure. Regardless of the location or the scale of the project, the goal is to create good, attractive urban environments that are pleasant for people to live and work in.  Digital tools are widely used […]

  • Film: How Arco creates new perspectives through data-driven design. 

    How does data open new perspectives for architects? In this film the Spacemaker team heads to Helsinki to meet architect Richard Hogan from the award-winning Finnish architecture practice ARCO. Richard discusses how Spacemaker’s data-driven tools give the team a richer view of the buildings they’re designing to help them solve more at the early phase, […]

  • How ARCO used Spacemaker’s data-driven insights to transform a challenging urban site into valuable student housing

    Executive summary How can data give architects deeper insights, and help them transform even the most challenging urban sites into something valuable for the city and its residents? This was the case for the Malmi student housing project in Helsinki designed by ARCO, Finland’s largest architecture practice. Part of a series of new urban developments […]

  • Rendering showing one of the main public spaces at rob17

    How Spacemaker helps MAAS & PARTNER envision future working environments

    Executive summary As future challenges for urban city planning such as population growth and sustainability become more urgent, architects are tasked with not only re-envisioning how we live, but also how and where we work. For example, the future of work sees commercial districts connecting better to the local community and to the public, incorporating […]

  • Rendering of an entrance square to a large, historic brick building.

    How Cobe future-proofs its designs and way of working with new digital processes

    Executive summary The future is always present in the work of architects and urban planners, but what does it look like? And what does it mean to future-proof a city, landscape or building? For award-winning Danish practice Cobe, the answer lies in the ‘extraordinary everyday’, be it the simple act of biking or a community-centered approach […]

  • Illustration of PKA’s winning proposal for Fridheimskvartalet for Fredensborg bolig AS, image courtesy of PKA.

    Spacemaker contributes to PKA’s competition wins

    Executive summary: Trondheim-based Per Knudsen Arkitektkontor (PKA) is the largest architecture firm in mid-Norway. Specializing in residential projects, PKA takes pride in being at the forefront of using the latest digital tools. So when Axel Kristoffersen, architect and managing director at PKA, first heard about Spacemaker he was, unsurprisingly, intrigued. “There are many tools that can do […]

  • Group of architects at Gather Inn in Stockholm, working on a 6 hour Architect challenge

    Architect Challenge at Gather Inn

    Spacemaker teamed up with Sweco Architects to host The Architect Challenge at Gather Inn 2021 in Stockholm, an inspiring full-day event that explored societal issues from urban challenges to innovation and technology. With the help of Spacemaker, architect Johan Bengtsson and urban planner and digital strategist Adam Sjödin had just six hours to propose a new masterplan […]

  • Mei architects and planners in Rotterdam, image courtesy of Mei

    How Spacemaker’s data-driven approach helps Mei architects and planners create happy, healthy cities

    What does the site tell us? How can we help improve social and ecological sustainability? And how can we make spaces that adapt over time to fit people’s changing needs? These questions are some of the drivers of Mei architects and planners’ work. Whether it’s adaptive reuse, new build or urban planning, Mei’s projects center on lively, […]

  • Nordic municipalities are embracing data-driven urban planning

    More municipal city planners are starting to use Spacemaker in their effort to manage the complexity of urban planning.

  • Spacemaker in Sweco Architects’ digital toolbox

    In history, there have always been generational shifts in how architects work and often, new technology helps inspire new ways of working. In the 1980s we went from paper and pen to CAD and then from CAD to BIM. With AI tools like Spacemaker, the role of the architect will change once again. Sweco Architects […]