Category: Improved Deployment & IT Processes

  • Two Years of Deployment Changes

    In February of 2020, Autodesk introduced a fast and timely way to create deployments for our products – in Autodesk Account. Previously, annual releases were our only mechanism for delivering deployment improvements. With this new web-based platform, we can update at any time and avoid disruption during the heaviest install cycles. One of the main […]

  • Improved Installation Experience for Autodesk Administrators

    There is well over 100 years of combined installation experience on the Product Delivery team (the team responsible for Downloads and Installs at Autodesk), and we’re familiar firsthand with challenges that come up during the installation process.  But we’ve also heard about challenges directly from you, our Autodesk customers! From large corporations with thousands of […]

  • 4 Reasons to Name Your Users

    As covered in the new view of user management training video, we now offer the chance to add and assign your users. The process is quick, but being the diligent admin that you are, you probably want to know why you should care about this feature. Here are four of the main benefits:  1. Detailed […]

  • Installation and Licensing Feedback Hub Announcement

    Have you ever wanted to share your perspective directly with the Product Managers, User Experience Designers, and Engineers to help us create the capabilities that best meet your needs? Check out the Installation and Licensing Feedback Hub! The Installation and Licensing Team will be sharing out topics, based on internal conversations, and conversations from elsewhere in the Community to […]

  • Upcoming changes in Autodesk product deployment

    Watch the recording of our March 2021 webinar to learn about important upcoming changes to Autodesk product deployment and hear answers from the product management team. Frequently asked questions: 1. Updates Q: What’s the best way to update an SCCM package with updates after it’s initially built out and distributed?A: We recommend creating a separate SCCM package […]

  • What’s New with Product Deployments?

    Many Autodesk products can be heavily customized to support different workflows, including product settings, custom extensions, and updates.  If you’re working in a managed environment, or you have been customizing products yourself for years, you might want to pre-configure your products before you install them.  This maintains consistency in your environment and makes sure that […]

  • What’s New with the Product Installation Experience?

    When you download and install an Autodesk product on your machine, we call that a “standalone” installation.  It could be either a download that you execute or an Install Now that downloads components as it’s installing others.  Let’s talk about some of the improvements we’ve made to make these types of installs faster, easier, and more reliable.  Click here for a recap of […]

  • Expanding previous version access to 5 versions back

    We’ve heard your feedback that you need more than three previous versions for long-term projects. So, starting November 2, 2020, Autodesk is expanding version access for all customers (on subscription and maintenance plans) for the latest release and up to 5 versions back. This makes it easier for teams to collaborate on the same version throughout a project. How do I access previous versions of my product?   You can access the latest version of your product and up […]

  • Previous Versions: Are you supported?

    Autodesk customers are busy, and we want to make it simple for you to get the information and support you need. That’s why we’re introducing a new Product Support Lifecycle that clarifies what support benefits you’ll get when you’re using previous versions of our software. Access to previous versions of Autodesk software is available as […]

  • Setting the Record Straight: Can I Virtualize My Autodesk Software?

    Many organizations have adopted virtualization practices to keep up with the increasing pace and cost of business. As a result, there have been questions surrounding whether virtualization of Autodesk software is allowed and supported. No need to wonder anymore, we are here to clarify.  First of all, what is virtualization?  Virtualization lets you run your […]