4 Reasons to Name Your Users

Avatar Dannah Sanchez July 23, 2020

1 min read

As covered in the new view of user management training video, we now offer the chance to add and assign your users. The process is quick, but being the diligent admin that you are, you probably want to know why you should care about this feature. Here are four of the main benefits: 

1. Detailed Reporting

Before adding and assigning users, you may have been tracking your user’s usage data manually, if at all. Now, with users identified, seat usage reporting will provide you with data to make more efficient purchasing and management decisions. You can see what products your team is using, what version they are on, and check on their frequency of use.

2. Enhanced Security Measures

Competitive creative design requires a high measure of security. Gaining visibility into user workflow offers us valuable insight into persistent suspicious activity, active security incidents, and ongoing breaches. Assigning users adds the option for 2 Step Verification which makes it more difficult for unwanted parties to gain access to user accounts. Check out this article to learn about the different options you have for security.

3. Individualized Support

With their own profile, users can sign in to our help resources. This allows them to open their own support tickets and solve their problems. Self-service is convenient for them and time saving for you. This feature will become even more useful with open support tickets, coming soon to Autodesk Account. The progress of this new feature can be tracked on our Roadmap

4. Specialized Learning Communities

Once added, users can access exclusive learning content available with their active subscription. For example, Autodesk offers the Architect Learning Center – perfect for Architects looking for tips and tricks by product or for content that drives business outcomes. Architects can also customize their learning content based on their level of expertise, from beginner to expert. Product-based journeys are only available to users with an active subscription.

Admin pro tip: Add and assign your users, here’s how.