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Under the Hood - All things PDM and PLM

What eats into your design time? If you answered time spent looking for the right file, working on the wrong file, or worse, recreating a design that already exists, you are not alone. When engineers are asked about their data management challenges, they typically identify search and retrieval of design files as top issues.

Managing data is a design challenge

Finding a file should be a simple task. But too often, the data you’re looking for is spread across drives, workstations, shared folders, and other hard to find places. Can you relate to any of these challenges?

  • When sifting through thousands of files, you wish you could search for more than just a file name.
  • You dread copying or renaming files. It’s tedious and you often need to repair broken references.
  • You worry that other engineers you work with will overwrite your files.
  • You use spreadsheets to document every instance where parts and subassemblies are used.
  • Working with external stakeholders or staff in other locations leads to complications.
  • Your designs are being changed in the review and approval process.
  • You waste time releasing inaccurate designs to manufacturing.

Overcoming data management challenges

If you’re struggling with any of the challenges above, it’s time to explore using Vault for product data management. Vault manages your product-related information and engineering processes—all in one spot, freeing you up from mundane and repetitive tasks. You control design iterations from within your design application while Vault PDM manages your data for you. The truth is, data management is the essential foundation of good design.

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Christa Prokos

Christa is a product marketing manager at Autodesk. She researches and writes about product development strategies and technologies, including data management and product lifecycle management. Outside work, you can find Christa gravitating toward engineers at social gatherings.