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MFG468585 We’re Live, What’s Next? Strategies for Fusion Lifecycle Support and Improvement

Michelle Stone
January 6, 2021

By Jayna Vroman

Does your Fusion Lifecycle (FLC) look like the next company’s? Probably not, and because of this support for FLC should, for the most part, be targeted and done by those familiar with the inner workings of your system. Support is such an integral part of the adoption and improvement of FLC. Implementing good support can make the difference between users boycotting adoption versus users thriving in FLC.

In the future, I would like to see support setup be one of actions items that is recommended during any implementation of FLC.  Integrating support with your current FLC processes can be done with considerable ease and the sooner you implement it the better. Come learn how support can lead to better user adoption, quicker process adaptation, and continuous improvement in both the short and long term.

MFG468585 We’re Live, What’s Next? Strategies for Fusion Lifecycle Support and Improvement

Click on this link to watch Jayna’s class on AU online.


The Fusion Lifecycle implementation has been finalized and your users are navigating the system—so what’s next? How do you handle managing the ongoing support requirements and demands from your users for new features or issues? Whether this is a new or mature tenant, ignoring and remaining complacent in acknowledging and managing those requests for support may lead to adoption challenges and grievances with the system. In this class, we will cover the creation and administration of such a process, and share lessons learned from case studies on how this process is working for customer tenants today.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to design an effective support process.
  • Learn how to employ lessons learned to drive better support and user relations.
  • Learn how to create a plan for continual improvement based on user feedback and immediate enterprise needs.
  • Learn why proper product support is a key to its overall success.


As a PLM implementation consultant and administrator, Jayna has quickly worked to prove herself in this up and coming part of the industry. Administrating a 400+ user Fusion Lifecycle environment, her steady approach to support and improvements leads to large gains in overall enterprise customer success in adopting and improving their PLM solution. She works closely with the customer, solution architect and project manager to ensure customer priorities are being met efficiently and effectively through user support and managing weekly feature releases to the tenant she services. Her past work in the customer service, non-profit and even mining industries leads her to be customer minded but technically astute. When she is not busy supporting enterprise FLC customers, Jayna enjoys cycling, hiking, teaching fitness classes at her local gym, mentoring and keeping up with her young and lively family.

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Michelle Stone