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What’s New in Upchain – May 2023 Product Update

Andreja Schneider
May 30, 2023

To give Upchain customers access to new functionality faster and improve the quality of service, Autodesk has changed its Upchain product release cycle from a quarterly update to a progressive rollout. This means that Upchain customers will see new features and enhancements in a progressive and ongoing basis, eliminating the impact of releasing many features and fixes all at once and allowing customers to enjoy the stability of more incremental releases on a more frequent basis.

This post summarizes new functionality and fixes that were rolled out over the course of several weeks in April and May. Watch the video to see some of the features in action and read on to learn more about what’s new in Upchain.

Upchain May Update Highlights

Author Enhancements 

Support for new CAD software versions: AutoCAD 2024 and SolidWorks 2023

Users can now use the latest AutoCAD 2024 and SolidWorks 2023 versions with their new features and improved stability, when working with Upchain.

Improved BOM Wizard

New and improved BOM Wizard now enables better memory management, which is especially useful for working with large assemblies. Autodesk has improved the overall user experience and Upchain can now support up to 4k resolution. New features also include:

  • Columns editing (using column chooser functionality to add/remove columns)
  • ‘Row details’ panel showing more information about selected part
  • Bulk operations and updates
  • Improvements on anomaly resolving and bulk anomaly resolving performance

Consistent item order sequence between the web and CAD plugin

The web and CAD plugin eBOM now shows items in the esame sequence order when using ‘Sequence number’ sorting, increasing user efficiency when working between BOMs.

Handling of plugin error dialogs

User action dialogs have been improved to persist on top of the CAD application for better visibility and user observability.

Improvement for the plugin’s latest eBOM filter

The latest eBOM filter now keeps more consistent file versioning for released assemblies, even when there are newer file versions of the child items in the system.

Before improvement:

After improvement:


Participant Enhancements 

Bill of material representation in change request

For assemblies represented in the change request, we are keeping the persistent BOM representation that is aligned with the project’s BOM.

Administrative Enhancements 

Workflow support for item’s custom attributes of picklist type

Custom item attributes with values provided from picklists can now be checked during the release process. Tenant admins can now add a workflow check which would prevent this kind of custom attribute to be left unpopulated on released items.

API improvements

Tenant admins can now create investigation requests (IRs) using an API call: /api/investigation-requests/v1/projects/{projectId}/investigation-requests/actions/create.

An item’s genealogy information can now be updated for a specific item version using an API call: /api/bom/v2/items by adding item ID in attribute “originalItemVersionId”.

Performance updates

We have increased the performance for generating model/drawing stale report by 50%. Also, obtaining the list of resolved orphan items on the CN is now performing up to 29x faster.

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Share your feedback  

Many of these enhancements were made because of user requests. To make sure we’re working on your priorities, be sure to give us your feedback. You can join the following communities to share feedback and product improvement requests with Autodesk’s Upchain product team:

Upchain Ideas – Submit your ideas for improvements and new features.

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Andreja Schneider

Andreja Schneider is a Product Management Engineer at Autodesk working on PDM / PLM product portfolio. She has over 11 years of experience in the Industry and works closely with Autodesk customers, partners and internal stakeholders on Upchain product consulting and development strategy. Before moving into Product manager role, she worked as BA, QA and Product Owner. Disclaimer: The posts on this blog are the authors' own personal opinions and do not represent their employer's view in any way. In addition, their thoughts and opinions often change, and as a weblog is intended to provide a semi-permanent point-in-time snapshot you should not consider out-of-date posts to reflect their current thoughts and opinions.