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What’s New in Upchain – August 2023 Product Update

Andreja Schneider
August 30, 2023

Upchain is a cloud product data management (PDM) solution in the Autodesk product lifecycle management (PLM) portfolio of products. To give Upchain customers access to new functionality faster and improve the quality of service, Autodesk has changed its Upchain product release cycle from a quarterly update to a progressive rollout. This means that Upchain customers will see new features and enhancements in a progressive and ongoing basis, eliminating the impact of releasing many features and fixes all at once and allowing customers to enjoy the stability of more incremental releases on a more frequent basis.   

This post summarizes new functionality and fixes that were rolled out over the course of several weeks in August. Watch the video to see some of the features in action and read on to learn more about what’s new in Upchain.

Upchain August Update Highlights 

Author Enhancements  

BOM Wizard improvement for item type selection 

Users can now manage a BOM (Bill of Materials) structure more effectively in the plugin by reviewing and then also changing the item type directly in the BOM Wizard window, during the import process. 

Participant Enhancements  

Upchain localization support for Korean and German 

We have enabled localization support for Korean and German language, for both web and plugins. The support also includes localized user documentation.  


For web, you can change the language preference using your browser language settings. The plugin adopts the Windows language settings found in Windows Settings > Time & Language > Region > Regional format. 

New Upchain theme 

We have improved the user experience with a new design theme that is focused on improving readability and clarity, while also modernizing the design. The overall site functionality did not change because of the new design, and users have the option to try the new theme but can switch back at any time. The areas we covered with the new theme are dashboards, business processes, projects, and search. 

Release flow for Item Variations 

Upchain now provides increased release manager efficiency and release package accuracy by providing a control and option to release items in one release even when an eBOM (engineering BOM) is not the same as a cBOM (design BOM). 

Quorum decision in document workflow 

Users can now enhance the document workflow with the quorum decision ability where users would either approve or reject the document publish based on the custom number of users required to vote.

Obsolete items ignored during release process 

During the release process, children with obsolete status under released parents will be ignored, making the release of above development assemblies faster and more efficient. Users can decide if it is required to update the released assemblies to incorporate the latest obsolete item versions, but the system will not make this a requirement. 

Supplier information added to BOM export 

For users using the BOM export capability from Upchain web, we now include the supplier name information on the exported report document. For each item containing this information, the supplier will be included automatically. 

Administrative Enhancements  

Automated tenant creation for new customers 

Customers that purchased Upchain subscription(s) and do not have a tenant/hub yet created, can now create one themselves and start with user invites, without the need to wait on Autodesk support. Information about the process can be found here

New Upchain theme – administration 

Finding and filtering data in the Upchain administration is now more convenient and efficient than ever, with new capabilities in administration tables like show or hide specific column and filter columns based on their values in combination with standard operators like contains, equals, etc. We have started with this improvement and more and more tables are going to be updated over upcoming releases. 

Performance Updates 

The activity stream within the user dashboard and project dashboard will now load up to 4x faster. 

We have also optimized checks for obtaining the edit lock and cBOM information in the latest working filter for web and plugin. 

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Share your feedback  

Many of these enhancements were made because of user requests. To make sure we’re working on your priorities, be sure to give us your feedback. You can join the following communities to share feedback and product improvement requests with Autodesk’s Upchain product team:

Upchain Ideas – Submit your ideas for improvements and new features.

Upchain Forums – Discuss Upchain with our technical teams and your peers.


Andreja Schneider

Andreja Schneider is a Product Management Engineer at Autodesk working on PDM / PLM product portfolio. She has over 11 years of experience in the Industry and works closely with Autodesk customers, partners and internal stakeholders on Upchain product consulting and development strategy. Before moving into Product manager role, she worked as BA, QA and Product Owner. Disclaimer: The posts on this blog are the authors' own personal opinions and do not represent their employer's view in any way. In addition, their thoughts and opinions often change, and as a weblog is intended to provide a semi-permanent point-in-time snapshot you should not consider out-of-date posts to reflect their current thoughts and opinions.