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Vehicle electrification: creating a more sustainable automotive manufacturing industry

Deborah Reid
August 14, 2020

Originally posted on Bright Sparks

Insights from Zoé Bezpalko, Sustainability Strategy Manager at Autodesk

Industry analysts at Bloomberg New Energy Finance claimed that 2020 is set to be the ‘year of the electric car’, with UK electric vehicles (EV) sales forecasted to increase by 64 per cent of all vehicles sold from 2019. This change is being driven by multiple forces including, but not limited to, government initiatives for greener transportation, industry innovation to find more sustainable solutions and consumers growing more conscientious of their environmental footprint.

In a bid to reduce CO2 emission levels, governments are moving to ban internal combustion (IC) engines, which currently account for 40 per cent of oil consumption in Europe. Sales of new IC engines will be discontinued from 2040 in the UK and France; possibly even earlier than that, with more emphasis being placed on EV. In the UK specifically, the use or purchase of EVs are also being heavily incentivised to drive adoption.

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Deborah Reid