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The AU Scavenger Hunt: we’ve got a winner

We are pleased to announce our winner, Stephen Cauthen (@captnsteve1070)! Our runners up are: Michael Maugel (@maugel), Jennifer Stewart (@mysweetshelby), Mike Shapaka (@MikeShapaka) and from Instagram, Arm Ratcha (@keawmanr) and Michael Keith (@mkdrafter).

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Scavenger Hunt, and extra kudos to those managed to find and post all of the targets.


Innovation Forum
Mindset: Tools to Anticipate, Plan for, and Create the Future
This morning, 6 scientists, artists, designers, and daredevils discussed their unique projects, novel uses of technology, and the mind-blowing future that we are creating. We heard about deep sea exploration from Aquanaut Fabien Cousteau (grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau). World-class racers and insane stuntmen Mouse McCoy and Greg Tracy walked us through the sophisticated process of executing a record-breaking stunt. Our speakers made several predictions: private companies reaching the moon, space colonization, and exciting uses for 3D printers.

You can watch this recorded Innovation Forum online: Mindset: Tools to Anticipate, Plan for, and Create the Future.


Innovation Forum
The Future of How Visualizations Are Made: Real-Time Exploration of Design Data

Autodesk M&E Manager Maurice Patel kicked off this Innovation Forum with a discussion about the use of game technology to tackle challenges collaboratively. Jose Sanchez, Director of the Plethora Project, illustrated the value of bridging the gap between the cultures of gaming and making. Taylor Cupp of Mortenson Construction offered several real-world examples of the value of VR. Brian Pene, Director of Emerging Technology at Autodesk, underscored the power of storytelling with high-quality 3D graphics. “Tell a story that’s rich and immersive.”


Closing keynote
Amar Hanspal has a burning question: “What if?” We heard from several speakers who asked themselves that very question, and then acted upon it.

Mike Chen, co-founder of Made in Space, managed to get the first 3D printer onto the space station. He hopes to eventually solve our pesky problem of having to rely on costly rockets to move objects into space. Randall Munroe, former NASA roboticist, has made a career of soliciting seemingly absurd “what if?” questions online and then answering them. Jill and Greg Henderson achieved the unthinkable by creating a hoverboard that uses a magnetic field to generate lift.

Amar urges all of us to expand our minds and think big, especially now that we are in an age of limitless computational capability. “It’s time for you to harness technology in new ways. Try something new.”

You can watch the closing keynote online.


Thanks for attending AU 2014! See you next year.


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