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From AU Attendee to AU Speaker, Eli D’Elia Tells His Story

Stephanie Wells
May 1, 2017

If you’ve attended AU Las Vegas before, you know just how inspiring it is. Not only do you get the chance to connect with and learn from industry experts and peers from around the world, you also get to see new and exciting technologies and workflows firsthand—and in many cases, you can actually get your hands on them. While our first priority is to help you get better at your job, if we can inspire you to make the leap from AU attendee to AU speaker, all the better. (If you’re already inspired to speak at AU, submit your proposal now.)

“[Immersive design] is really important because now when artists around the world need to talk, we can throw on virtual reality goggles and have a conversation in the same virtual space.” Click image to watch video.

That’s exactly what happened with UAV designer Eli D’Elia. When he first attended AU in 2015, he spent his time exploring the latest design innovations, with a particular interest in generative design, and was so blown away by what he experienced that he returned to AU 2016 as a speaker, teaching a class on drone design using Fusion and Flow Design to validate the design process.

As a professional working in design for decades—D’Elia started out in visual FX, which led him to motion capture, which evolved into robotics—we thought it would be interesting to let him show us AU through his eyes. So last year he took us on a tour of the Exhibit Hall and talked about the emerging technologies he’s most excited about, including generative design. “I expect to see an entire wave of furniture and machines actually start to emerge out of this between 2017 and 2050,” he says. “There’s really no end to it. We’re going to refine this process down to the elegance of creation. What nature does on its own, we’ve finally found the equations to start to mimic it, and it’s wonderful.”

“I look at it very enthusiastically because I know that this is stuff my competitors won’t be able to keep up with for a while.” Click image to watch video.

We hope D’Elia’s tour of AU sparks inspiration in you too. Now is the time to embrace your inner expert and submit a class proposal to speak at AU Las Vegas this year. But don’t delay—Call for Proposals closes May 17. Share your experience, help others in your industry solve challenges you’ve already tackled, and set yourself up as an expert in your field.

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Stephanie Wells

Social Media and Program Manager for Autodesk University.