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“The Revit Geek” Helps You Improve Consistency and Efficiency with BIM

May 10, 2018

Can learning about BIM be fun? It is when you’re with Brian Mackey. Irreverent, even a tad sarcastic, he’s an audience favorite at AU. The self-declared “Revit Geek” co-hosts a podcast entitled Revit Radio, and his classes are chock full of practical tips delivered with humor and frankness based on decades of practical experience.

Geared towards structural engineers and architects, his AU 2017 class Creating Intelligent Details in Revit offers strategies for creating more responsive detail components. Mackey explains how to use consistent naming conventions for greater searchability, how to create detail guides, and how to embed detail parameters so that you don’t have to manually update individual pieces. From keynoting to tagging, he explores multiple ways to build in project details that are as intelligent as the overall design.

Watch Creating Intelligent Details in Revit now. (video: 1:02 hr.)

Other Sessions with Brian Mackey at AU online
Ready for more Revit tips and hacks? From coordinating multi-building projects to the details of handling handrails, check out Mackey’s other sessions  at AU online:

Conceptual Structural Design Using Revit Adaptive Components and Dynamo
Co-taught by Brian’s wife and fellow Revit geek, Desirée Mackey, this session explores the conceptual designs of a signature pedestrian bridge and an arena roof. It shows how Revit adaptive components and Dynamo can help automate elements of the structural design, allowing structural information to be extracted and imported directly into structural analysis software. (video: 56:07 min.)

Linked Details Among Multiple Models in Revit
Geared towards architects and engineers working on multi-building designs, this class looks at various strategies for managing and unifying details across multiple projects. Mackey explores different linking approaches based on whether or not the buildings share the same set of construction drawings, and shows how to create a single project file that links to multiple projects and allows them to all update seamlessly. (video: 52:43 min.)

Handrail Hacks
If you’ve struggled with creating custom handrails in Revit, this is the class for you.  Get up to speed on the nesting of components in Revit railings and get tips on workarounds you can implement to achieve your desired looks. (video: 1:00 hr.)

There may be only one Brian Mackey, but there are hundreds of great speakers at AU online. Whether you’re looking for better ways to handle details in Revit or are ready to think big about the future of your industry, AU online is the place to learn.

Check out other classes on Revit. And be you, AU.