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And the Award Goes to…: Top-Rated Sessions from AU Las Vegas 2017

Stephanie Wells
January 12, 2018

AU isn’t a popularity contest—far from it. Every speaker offers something unique and plays an important part in our learning community. (Every attendee, too.)

That said, we do ask attendees to rate every session they attend on their class surveys. That feedback helps the AU program and AU speakers improve. It also helps highlight the fan favorites. That’s to say, when we do the math, there are always speakers who stand out. It may be their presentation abilities. It may be the strength of their instructional content. It may be their inspirational story, compelling AU learners on the path to BIM adoption, Fusion fundamentals, or new visualization workflows. So let’s give a little credit where credit is due.

Without further ado, congrats to the following top-rated sessions and speakers of AU Las Vegas 2017.


Category: Industry Talk
Thomas Kemp and Sarah Cause
Navisworks: It’s Not Just for Contractors

Honorable Mentions
Donnie Gladfelter and Jason Kunkel
Overcoming the 7 Deadly Sins of Corporate Training Programs

Robert Green
Boost Your Career with CAD Management Savings

Brian Hunter and Keri Bender
The King’s Approval: How to Use Fusion Lifecycle (PLM) to Manage Your Hierarchy

Top-Rated Autodesk Speaker
Allessandra McGinnis
Future of Additive Manufacturing

Category: Instructional Demo
Deepak Maini
Advance Steel for BIM: Seamless Workflow from Design to Fabrication

Honorable Mentions
Deepak Maini, Mark Abrahams, and Aaron Coats
Collaboration for Revit: Opening the Doors for Real Collaborative Project Execution

Paul Aubin
Global Parameters, Global Control: Revit Global Parameters in Practice

Jesper Wallaert, Sylvester Knudsen
Applying Generative AEC Dynamics to a Parking Garage

Brian Hailey
Residential Subdivision Grading—Grading Beyond the Roads

Top-Rated Autodesk Speaker
Tiffany Bachmeier and Robert Stein
AutoCAD Electrical: 60 Tips in 60 Minutes

Category: Hands-On Lab
Marcello Sgambelluri
Dynamo for Structure

Honorable Mentions
Paul Aubin
Revit Family Creation: A Step-by-Step Introduction (Just for Beginners)

Gui Talarico
Untangling Python: A Crash Course on Dynamo’s Python Node

Håvard Vasshaug
Creating Transparency in France with Dynamo

Rick Ellis
A Practical Guide to GIS in AutoCAD Civil 3D (Part 1)

Top-Rated Autodesk Speaker
Aaron Vorwerk
Integrating Structural Design and Analysis: The Basics of a Revit-Robot Structural Analysis Professional Workflow

Category: Panel
Facilitator: Rick Ellis
Panelists: Robert Green, RK McSwain, Curt Moreno, Kate Morrical
Drawing from Experience: 4 CAD Managers with More Than 100 Years of Combined Experience Tell All

Honorable Mentions
Facilitator: Jeff Mottle
Panelists: O’Brien Chalmers, Alex Coulombe, Scott DeWoody, Martin Enthed, David Scott
A Vision for the Future of Virtual Reality in Design Viz: Advice from the Experts

Facilitator: Curt Moreno
Panelists: Rick Ellis, Ryan Salvador
So You Want to Be an Autodesk Speaker

Top-Rated Autodesk Speaker
Facilitator: Irvin Hayes
Panelists: Senthil Kumar, Younes Yammouri
Data Management Avengers—Guardians of the Data Galaxy

Category: Roundtable
Steven Shell
Switching from AutoCAD to Revit: A Discussion About Various Approaches, Training, and How It Impacts a Firm

Honorable Mentions
Ryan Cameron, Cesar Escalante, and Kyle Martin
Form a Superhero Team: How to Connect People to Do Great Things

Rich Conyers and Megan Eli
Visualization Deliverables: A Discussion of the Many Degrees of Visual Communication

Top-Rated Autodesk Speaker
Steve Dennis and Michael Schmidt
Ask the Inventor Developer

Best New Speaker Award
Many of our top-rated speakers return to AU year after year, which is great. But that can make it hard for new speakers to get on the medal stand, if you follow our meaning. So we carved out a special award for a first-time speaker at AU. This year, the award goes to Gui Talarico—congrats, and keep coming back!

Gui Talarico
Untangling Python: A Crash Course on Dynamo’s Python Node

Speakers’ Choice Award
The awards above are based on class surveys from all those who attend a given session. In addition, this year we’re pleased to honor the speaker who most impressed their peers in the speaker community—only the class surveys of other speakers and co-speakers were tallied. And this year’s Speakers’ Choice Award goes to:

Mark Lancaster

Boosting Inventor Performance

Congratulations, all!



Stephanie Wells

Social Media and Program Manager for Autodesk University.