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Pop quiz: Do you know the difference between a C1 curve and a C0 curve? Yes or no, you can definitely feel the difference when you see the 2 next to each other. Don’t believe us? Think about how you feel when you look at a Volkswagen Beetle versus a B-52 bomber. While 1 gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, the other makes you want to run for cover.

Product design is both intuitive and emotional. So how do you quantify something so unmeasurable? Renowned designer Gray Holland set out to do just that when he created the Periodic Table of Forms 6 years ago. At AU Las Vegas 2015, Autodesk Fusion 360 Evangelist Mike Aubry and Fusion 360 Product Manager Mike Prom used Holland’s work to talk about how modeling workflows impact design aesthetics, and what designers need CAD software to do in order to keep up with changing customer expectations.

Mike Aubry

Head over to AU online to dive deeper into this topic, and hear what Aubry and Prom have to say about how design needs to meet expectations, the challenge of maintaining design, the benefits and features of Fusion 360, and more.

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