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What’s Trending at AU online: March 2018

April 13, 2018

There’s never a bad time to build your skills and boost your career. Take a look at some of March’s most-watched AU online classes to find out what your colleagues and peers are learning.

Get Ready for Artificial Intelligence in Construction
Speakers: Josh Kanner, Michael Moran
Drones, wearables, and mobile devices are bringing exponential growth in the data associated with construction. Machine learning and other technologies can help you sort, filter, and extract insights. From smart photo tagging to predictive analytics, learn what AI is making possible in construction today.

Over 60 Revit Tips in 60 Minutes
Speaker: Joe Banks
Start your watches and get ready to learn. Boost modeling and documentation efficiency, improve element selection and manipulation, and gain more control over your projects. With these tips and workflows, you’ll be able to do more in Revit in less time.

Navisworks: It‘s Not Just for Contractors
Speakers: Thomas Kemp, Sarah Causey
Implementing Navisworks during the design phase can prevent clashes and save time and work when it’s time to build. Learn how to use its powerful tools to streamline design workflows, coordinate models, and resolve problems before they happen.

Code Blue, Dr. Revit!—How to Resuscitate Corrupt Revit Models
Speakers: Nauman Mysorewala, Matt Wunch
Revit crashing on you? Learn to diagnose the issue using the journal and slog files, then resolve it quickly. Plus, find out how to prevent files from getting corrupted in the future.

Fusion 360 Assemblies—Master Class
Speakers: Kevin Schneider, Mike Prom
Mastering the design tools in Fusion enables you to explore more designs more quickly and build smarter, more responsive designs. From theory on the top-down design methodology to tips on project setup, learn skills you can apply to real-world design challenges.

AutoCAD Versus Revit—Common Annotation Tips and Tricks
Speaker: David Butts
Want to get seasoned AutoCAD users into the Revit way of thinking? Help them make the connection between AutoCAD features and Revit tools, including AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks and Revit 2D symbol families. And learn how to define AutoCAD text, multileaders, and dimensions to match Revit annotation types.

Revit Families: A Step-by-Step Introduction
Speaker: Paul Aubin
The Family Editor in Revit is a powerful tool—and it can be fun, too. Learn all the basics including how to create a component family complete with constraints and parameters. Whether you’re a Revit novice or an experienced user who’s just avoided the Family Editor, get up to speed and get productive.

Computational BIM Workshop—Advanced
Speakers: John Pierson, Bill Allen, Carlo Licea, Mark Mendez, Marcello Sgambelluri
Take your computational design abilities to new levels. Create customized functions using Revit and Dynamo, improve performance, and learn how to interoperate with other applications, data sources, and tools in sophisticated ways. This workshop includes 3 separate but related sessions.

Make Hardscape Follow Site Topography and Site Topography Follow Hardscape in Revit
Speaker: Marcello Sgambelluri
Straight walls? Curved walls? Sidewalks? Curbs? Whatever hardscape you’re talking about, get your Revit elements to follow the contours of topography. Then reverse the workflow to model topography to match your elements.

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