VRED Core – The newest member of the VRED family

Lukas Faeth
Lukas Faeth May 11, 2020 1 min read

Our VRED team is excited to announce an additional member of the VRED family.

On May 7 2020, Autodesk is launching VRED® Core. This addition to the VRED® portfolio is a flexible, customizable, and scalable VRED® product, particularly for cloud and server-based applications.

Its Key Features include:

Why VRED Core?

Because you can


The launch of VRED Core marks the first step into providing an agile and adaptable version of VRED, which can be used very flexibly as the core of modern and connected custom systems and scalable rendering applications. Made for cloud use, VRED Core targets new workflows and connects you with your data anytime, anywhere, through cloud and streaming.

Check out VRED Core if you’re interested in:

A example of scalable GPU Raytracing:

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