Alias 2021.2 Update Release

Ananda Arasu
Ananda Arasu September 23, 2020 1 min read

Celebrating its 35th birthday, Alias 2021 was one of our most important releases. It introduced the History Visualizer, Assemblies and a Subdivision Retopology tool. You can check out details and videos here.

With Alias, we are always working towards continuous enhancements and investment in the tools we have. One of our goals is continued stability as we improve processes in the Design Studio. Time is a valuable commodity, and we want to do what we can to give design teams more time. One way we are doing this is by democratizing automation … so that you can take care of tasks in minutes that would typically take you days.

We’re adding value to our subscription with additional functionality in our Alias point releases. While the 2021 release was significant, 2021.2 has 59 new features and improvements, together with 61 fixes.

This update release features SubD modeling improvements in Alias, integration of SubD modeling in Create VR, a Dynamo player, and other improvements.

SubD Modeling Improvements

We have a wealth of SubD modeling improvements for you, featured in the video below. Among them are the diagnostic shade, specific menus, and shelf for the SubD workflow:

Alias Create VR with SubD

You’ve already seen the power of a VR workflow in Alias. Our 2021.2 release introduces yet another step forward with Create VR, this time with the implementation of SubD modeling!  Check out how it can transform your workflow:

Dynamo Player

To improve design automation within Alias, we added the support of Dynamo scripts. While they are powerful, understanding and modifying these scripts can be a challenge and somewhat manual. Welcome to the Dynamo Player, which gives you an interactive UI to work with and modify scripts:

Over the next couple of months, we will be introducing a set of deep dive and skill-building videos for Dynamo Player. The first of these is here.

General Alias Improvements

As mentioned above, we’ve got more new features in this update 2 release of Alias than we have room for here. For a quick snapshot, check out this video:



To hear more about the details of the Alias 2021.2 release, check out our Car Design News webinar on October 14th at 4pm GMT, 11am EST.

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