AIF 2022: The agile design studio keynote

Brandy Ryan Brandy Ryan June 10, 2022

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Our first full AIF in two years took place in Munich, Germany. Hotel restrictions meant a reduction in our usual capacity, but we were pleased to host 250+ attendees from 20 countries.

One of the Day 1 Highlights was our Design Studio Keynote presentation, featuring Autodesk’s Marek Trawny, Brandon Tasker, Phil Botley and Lukas Fäth. They shared the latest news on the Agile Design Studio and Autodesk solutions.

As Marek notes in his introduction, Autodesk is guided by the principle that processes must support creativity. And a big part of that is connecting people, studios and teams with the right tools.


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Lukas dives into what makes creativity and innovation efficient and faster: Fostering Collaboration and Connecting People:        


  • It starts with connecting organizations and disciplines, and that’s where the Autodesk pipeline—Alias, VRED, ShotGrid—offers real value.
  • It continues with democratizing visualization to foster collaboration and ensure that everyone who needs to can contribute efficiently, regardless of location, hardware or expertise.
  • Because our goal is always to empower people and connect processes. And one important way we do that is to automate procedural and repetitive tasks.

Lukas also showcases advanced cloud-streaming features, a crucial element for digital collaboration and ends with a quick technology preview demonstration, before passing the mic to Brandon.

Picture of a white man with strawberry blonde hair onstage presenting. He's wearing a grey sweater with a zipper at the top and dark trousers. He has a clicker in his hands and a futuristic design onscreen behind him. The podium reads "Think Beyond."

Brandon picks up from Lukas to talk how seamless and unified technology can accelerate creativity by bringing your tools together. What does that look like? Bringing your design functions together so you
can manage your projects, teams, assets, etc.


  • Connecting products and integrating common experiences via shared workflows is important for your process, and it also provides a single source for design data.
  • We can see this in various modeling workflows that capture data and automate certain tasks (procedural modeling, surfacing, etc.) to share across programs and teams. A single source for data also means you can re-use studio-wide design components in a ShotGrid library.
  • Moving beyond Autodesk tools, an important part of connecting with your ecosystem is thinking about Open Source Materials: Material X, Open XR, Open APIs & Toolkits
Picture of a white man with fair hair and a ginger beard onstage presenting. He's wearing a blue checked button-up and a dark blue vest with a brown zipper, zipped halfway down, and tan trousers. He has a clicker in his hands and a futuristic design onscreen behind him. The podium reads "Think Beyond."

Phil Botley drives the product keynote presentation home, showing how our agile design studio solutions unlocking potential across teams and generations of users:


  • Data management is one of the most important parts of unlocking our potential, like PDM Integration.
  • Data-driven analytics give us insights into not only the tools you use, but also how you use them. We can take these insights to improve your tools and share tips so that you can make your processes more efficient.
  • We are also thinking about what more we can do for our users, whether they are new, freelance, needing flexible licenses or wanting to customize their processes and timelines. That’s where our Learning Editions, Flex Offering and Consulting / Business Development come in.

All of these updates and insights are geared to making your design process efficient and faster, seamless and unified, so that you can unlock the full potential for you and your teams.

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