Essential SKILLS: Getting started with Alias

Brandy Ryan Brandy Ryan October 18, 2022

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5-part video series for beginners

In this five-part series, our own Rich Mazza introduces you to the fundamentals of Alias. Think of this as getting a lay of the land, a high-level overview of the Alias User Interface and the key tools you’ll need to know.

Part 1: Introduction to Alias User Interface

1) Key Alias UI elements, like the Menu Line, the Prompt Line and the Palette. Rich will also talk you through different ways to navigate the Alias Modeling Window.

2) Workflows are crucial to the work you’ll be doing. Rich discusses what they are and how they can be changed.

3) Help: In case you get stuck while working in Alias, Rich shows you how to access the in-program resource so you can access skill-building videos in program.

Part 2: Key Alias tools

1) The Palette: where it is, what it does, how to access tools within it.

2) SubDivision Primitive: create a primitive object in the Alias modeling window and learn how to move and scale it.

3) Understanding the Prompt Line: Understanding the feedback Alias provides as we begin to create our models. The good news? Alias always tells you what it’s doing. 

Yes, there will be more learning resources in the coming weeks and months!

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