Getting started with Alias, parts 3-5: Marking menus, hotkeys, preferences

Brandy Ryan Brandy Ryan November 17, 2022

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5-part video series for beginners

In this five-part series, our own Rich Mazza introduces you to the fundamentals of Alias. Think of this as getting a lay of the land, a high-level overview of the Alias User Interface and the key tools you’ll need to know.

What You’ll Learn

Part 3: Introduction to Marking Menus in Alias

  1. The Marking Menus – gesture-based menus – allow you to bring up different options with different keyboard and mouse combinations.

  2. You can customize the options in the Marking Menus for the tools you use the most.

Part 4: Hot Keys in Alias

  1. Creating custom Hotkeys for the actions you do the most is a kind of shorthand that improves your Alias workflow.

  2. Consider your most frequent actions—and that’s what you can create a Hotkey for.

  3. The Hotkey may already be assigned, but Alias will warn you about that and you can overwrite it. 

Part 5: Saving and Exporting Preferences in Alias

  1. After creating custom Marking Menus and Hotkeys, you’ll want to save them for your next Alias session.

  2. If you’re switching to a newer version of Alias, you’ll need to export your preferences.

  3. When the new Alias loads, it will want to default to its new settings. Let it—and then reload your previous preferences.

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