Learn from the experts: Real-time visualization (OpenGL) in VRED

Brandy Ryan Brandy Ryan December 1, 2022

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This 4-part YouTube tutorial series focuses on real-time visualization (OpenGL) in VRED. Automotive designer Christian Woefel shares tips and tricks for setting up and optimizing your VRED scenes for better performance.

The videos explain the necessary trade-offs to get the best possible render quality while maintaining smooth, real-time interaction with the scene in VRED.

Watch the videos in full or scroll down for highlights.

Real-time Visualization (OpenGL) in VRED – Tutorial Highlights

Real-time Tutorial Part I – Overview (tips & tricks to get the best possible performance)

1:20 Default render mode, OpenGL
3:20 Pre-calculation of lights & shadows and surface normals
6:40 UV Editor
8:40 Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
9:15 HDRI map usage

Real-time Tutorial Part II – Performance optimization for real-time visualization

1:00 Monitoring frame rate statistics
2:10 Importing geometry
11:40 Materials & textures
16:40 Render settings
18:25 Camera settings

Real-time Tutorial Part III — Variant Sets and Optimization

0:38 Overview
2:30 Render settings
3:04 Geometry switches
3:40 Variant sets
5:50 Presentation mode
6:10 Geometry switches
7:00 Transform variations
8:30 Viewpoints
9:38 Animations
10:47 Scripting

Real-time Tutorial Part IV – Virtual Reality

0:20 Headsets overview
1:20 Controler options
1:50 Interactions and menus
3:38 Walking, changing viewpoint, teleport
5:50 Flashlight, measuring tape, controller /
and representations
7:00 Variant sets
8:20 Collision models and optimizations
9:30 Developing your own VR tools in VRED

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