Hands-on, person-to-person: AIF 2023 exhibition

Brandy Ryan Brandy Ryan June 8, 2023

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The 2024 Automotive Innovation Forum in Frankfurt, Germany gave us more chances to explore Autodesk solutions, customer innovations, and partner insights.

Thanks to the incredibly hard work of the technical sales, marketing and product teams who contributed to the amazing expo. We had:

Exhibition overview

Discover Alias & Meet the Experts

Alias User Experience, future features, and the people who make it happen.

Alias is being updated to give current and new users a fresh user experience on top of the existing best-in-class modelling tools, on top of the standard best-in-class modeling tools. Members of the Alias product team were onsite to answer questions, discuss workflows, and showcase Alias solutions.

Discover VRED & Meet the Experts

The newest features in future releases and the people who make it happen.

The newest developments in VRED were presented here as an exclusive sneak peek for AIF attendees. Members of the VRED product team were onsite to answer questions, discuss workflows, and showcase VRED solutions.

ShotGrid – Connecting the Studio

Seamless project management workflows to optimize productivity and creativity.

Using ShotGrid as the backbone between Alias and VRED, our experts have created a project representative of a common “facelift” workflow within the design studio. Members of the ShotGrid product team were onsite to answer questions, discuss workflows, and showcase ShotGrid solutions.

Digital CMF (Integrated Color & Trim)

Automating & integrating CMF into the Automotive Design Process.

Our Autodesk Consultants have created a highly automated workflow to reduce time, efforts and frustration when integrating digital CMF in automotive design.

VR Taping

Refining curves and features in Alias and VRED allows designers to communicate change effectively.

ItalDesign Climb-E

ItalDesign presented their highly-successful autonomous transportation and lifestyle  concept using both VR and MR.

Porsche Digital Color & Materials

The science of measurement, calibration, and accurate representation of CMF.

Porsche, Viscon, Ekta, X-Rite and MHP were onsite to demonstrate an extremely advanced Color-Material-Finish workflow, illustrating a scientifically-based approach to digitizing materials. A calibrated LED wall representing these materials allows an almost 1:1 comparison between the Physical and Virtual. This innovation draws on ShotGrid’s product and creative management solution to store and track virtual materials.

Aston Martin & Lenovo: Digital Light Studio with Mixed Reality

Aston Martin worked with Lenovo to showcase the Valkyrie in VR in a dynamic lighting demo on Lenovo PX with OpenGL and Global Illumination.

Silverdraft & the Future of Virtual Film Production

With the help of Silverdraft’s supercomputer, this exhibit introduces the potential for virtual production to revolutionize the industry. A Lamborghini clay model is filmed in front of an LED wall and the data fed into the tracking computer to create a photo-realistic visualization.

Integrated Factory Model (IFM)

The convergence of BIM and Digital Factory.

Autodesk IFM experts demonstrated how various disciplines, departments and ecosystem partners are able to draw on different information from various data sources that are connected, synchronized and always up-to-date to enable making better decisions based on reliable data earlier in the lifecycle.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Visual defect detection demonstrator + AI driven-quality assurance.

Experience the #IndustrialMetaverse and learn how synthetic data generation and photorealistic rendering enable visual quality inspection at the Start of Production (SOP). This demonstration showcases a completely new design built over 6 weeks by Boston Consulting Group, Amazon Web Services (AWS), WZL of RWTH Aachen, ACAM Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing GmbH, among others.

Also onsite were Kolb Design Technology GmbH & Co KG, Navvis, Cintoo, Margrand, Samsung, Nvidia, iolabs, oneClick, Moicon, and Naska.

The 2023 AIF Exhibit has set a high bar for next year … which we look forward to surpassing.

There will be more AIF 2023 content in the weeks to come, so stay tuned.

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