• Behind the scenes with Mike Turner: Interior rendering & VR set-up in VRED

    In episode 01 of his third VRED series, Mike Turner gives us an overview of DGDesign’s history with public transportation design and shares some of the work they’ve done. In episode 02, Mike turns to interior rendering and VR set-up. He discusses his experiences with interior design visualization in VRED and has some great tips […]

  • Automotive at Autodesk University 2022

    We are excited that after two years of virtual sessions, Autodesk University 2022 will be a live, in-person event in New Orleans, Louisiana, from Sept 27 – 29. Registration is still open and there is a broad range of classes for our automotive customers. Among the highlights is the opening Keynote which features Betim Berisha, […]

  • Behind the scenes with Mike Turner: Industry insights on public transport

    Welcome to the third series of DGDesign’s Senior Designer Mike Turner. In this series, Mike walks us through public transport design – exteriors, interiors, branding, etc. In episode 01, Mike talks about DGDesign’s history with public transport and shares some of the work they’ve done. Public Transport Highlights 2:31Project: New Nova FleetsClient: Trans Pennine Express […]

  • Immersive storytelling, collaborative practice: The Academy of Art University’s School of Industrial Design

    The Academy of Art University, San Francisco When we first spoke with Antonio Borja, Director of the School of Industrial Design and heard about the Academy of Art University’s unique interdisciplinary program and rich industry collaborations, we wanted to know more. So we asked Antonio and some of his students to talk to us about […]

  • AIF 2022: Alias, VRED and ShotGrid deep dives

    Every year, a highlight of AIF is our product deep dives. This is where our product teams share what’s new in Alias, VRED and Shotgrid, as well as highlighting the solutions each offers for your production pipeline. If you were unable to attend AIF in Munich – or you’d really like to experience these again […]

  • Behind the scenes with Mike Turner: Decals & dirt

    In episode 03 of his second series, Senior Designer Mike Turner showcased how VRED manages shadow plot development, a key area for ISO sightline assessments. Here in episode 04, Mike turns to a personal project to walk through decal application in VRED, as well as sharing a simple technique to apply dirt and scratches to […]

  • VRED 2023.1 release

    The VRED 2023.1 release is now available for download to all subscribers. Highlights of this release include: A new clear coat option for plastic materials Support for LTC area lights, providing more realistic lighting effects in Open GL Support for render layers in Open GL Capability to add markers when using Varjo Augmented Reality headsets […]

  • AIF 2022: The on-demand experience

    As promised, we’re thrilled to offer our Autodesk Automotive community the AIF On-Demand Experience. If you were unable to attend our live event in Munich this year, or if you weren’t able to take in all the presentations, we’ve curated a virtual experience for you. Head over to the AIF Content Hub and start your […]

  • Behind the scenes with Mike Turner: Digital shadow plots

    In episode 02 of his second series, Senior Designer Mike Turner walked us through how he works with large data sets in VRED. Here in episode 03, Mike focuses on the business of developing shadow plots within VRED. Shadow plots are key for ISO sightline assessments, because good visibility characteristics deliver safer products. And safer […]

  • AIF 2022: Energy, transformation and the agile design studio

    In Conversation with Thomas Heermann and Marek Trawny The Automotive Innovation Forum is the opportunity for the Automotive Design team to share updates, tease new releases, and connect customers as a community. Our first live AIF in two years took place in Munich, Germany. Ananda Arasu and I caught up with Thomas Heermann (Automotive, Concept […]

  • AIF 2022: The agile design studio keynote

    Our first full AIF in two years took place in Munich, Germany. Hotel restrictions meant a reduction in our usual capacity, but we were pleased to host 250+ attendees from 20 countries. One of the Day 1 Highlights was our Design Studio Keynote presentation, featuring Autodesk’s Marek Trawny, Brandon Tasker, Phil Botley and Lukas Fäth. […]

  • LinkedIn: Announcing Autodesk Automotive

    We know the value of community. It’s why we share videos and content on various social channels, creating hubs of Autodesk Automotive content for our community, you, to access and discuss with each other. We also know the importance of professional connections. It’s why we engage with our partners and collaborators to stay on top […]

  • Behind the scenes with Mike Turner: Working with large data sets

    In Episode 1 of his second VRED series, DGDesign Senior Designer Mike talks about his work on off-highway vehicles, including a small range of bulldozers, a battery electric vehicle concept, and a radical mid-cab dozer project. Episode 2 goes deeper on working with large data sets, including a walk-through of how you can use Alias […]

  • Think beyond: Automotive Innovation Forum 2022

    With so much disruption in industries across the world, businesses are being challenged to Think Beyond. The 2022 Automotive Innovation Forum (AIF) aims to do just that. This limited, in-person event in Munich features industry leaders and in-demand guest speakers, including: Silverdraft PIXMOVING NIO Varjio BMW Autodesk’s Marek Trawny, Brandon Tasker, Phil Botley and Lukas […]

  • A gritty background, dark pavement with the word ROBOTO written in futuristic yellow type. Three two-wheeled vehicles, painted white with red and black trim. In the metal of the centre bike, the reflection of a human figure.

    Design what’s in your head: Christian Grajewski on Alias as career software

    It’s easy, these days, to be drawn to the latest software programs, the newer and more simplified versions of some of the programs you cut your design teeth on. Not for Christian Grajewski. This Alias veteran, from Hannover, Germany, has an intriguing career that reinforces both a “creativity first” and a “know the right tools” […]