• LinkedIn: Announcing Autodesk Automotive

    We know the value of community. It’s why we share videos and content on various social channels, creating hubs of Autodesk Automotive content for our community, you, to access and discuss with each other. We also know the importance of professional connections. It’s why we engage with our partners and collaborators to stay on top […]

  • Behind the scenes with Mike Turner: Working with large data sets

    In Episode 1 of his second VRED series, DGDesign Senior Designer Mike talks about his work on off-highway vehicles, including a small range of bulldozers, a battery electric vehicle concept, and a radical mid-cab dozer project. Episode 2 goes deeper on working with large data sets, including a walk-through of how you can use Alias […]

  • Think beyond: Automotive Innovation Forum 2022

    With so much disruption in industries across the world, businesses are being challenged to Think Beyond. The 2022 Automotive Innovation Forum (AIF) aims to do just that. This limited, in-person event in Munich features industry leaders and in-demand guest speakers, including: Silverdraft PIXMOVING NIO Varjio BMW Autodesk’s Marek Trawny, Brandon Tasker, Phil Botley and Lukas […]

  • A gritty background, dark pavement with the word ROBOTO written in futuristic yellow type. Three two-wheeled vehicles, painted white with red and black trim. In the metal of the centre bike, the reflection of a human figure.

    Design what’s in your head: Christian Grajewski on Alias as career software

    It’s easy, these days, to be drawn to the latest software programs, the newer and more simplified versions of some of the programs you cut your design teeth on. Not for Christian Grajewski. This Alias veteran, from Hannover, Germany, has an intriguing career that reinforces both a “creativity first” and a “know the right tools” […]

  • Top half of frame is a white man in VR goggles moving VR hand controls. Bottom half of frame is interior view of a bulldozer cab and control panels.

    Behind the scenes with Mike Turner: LiuGong industry case Study

    Last year, we watched DGDesign Senior Designer Mike Turner explore backplates, data import, and specialized backgrounds. This year, we’re moving off highway for insight into design work supporting large, off-highway vehicle design. Episode 01 goes behind the scenes at DGDesign to hear about a small range of bulldozers, a battery electric vehicle concept, and a […]

  • Small car in side profile with visible geometry modeling.

    New to SubD modeling? Check out Alias expert Stefan Strohm’s training resources

    As part of our commitment to providing users with the best training tips and resources, we asked Stefan Strohm, Senior Alias Expert and Trainer, to share his introductory SubD tutorials. Why Alias SubD Modeling? Alias SubD Modeling is relatively new and it allows a completely new workflow in the design process. Designers and CAS-Modelers can […]

  • 2023 releases: Alias and VRED out now!

    Alias 2023 Welcome to another release of Alias.  In this release, a lot of work was done in the area of conceptual design with SubD modeling.  A huge enhancement was in the area of automation, where the Reform tool takes any scanned mesh data and converts it to a SubD model, making for much faster […]

  • The biggest disruption of the last century: Car Design Dialogue panel

    Changing Demands, New Technologies and How Transportation Design is Meeting the Challenge Moderated by Car Design News’s Abel Sampson, this February 2022 Panel engaged one of the biggest questions the vehicle design industry is facing: how to navigate the most fundamental disruption of the last century. Customer demands are changing as disruptive technologies become more […]

  • The Autodesk Aviera GD project

    At Autodesk, we believe in developing the best solutions for our customers.  Part of that process involves an understanding of customer challenges and supporting them through overcoming these challenges. With that in mind, we worked with our partner, Genesis Design, to create a next-generation mobility concept vehicle, leveraging the full breadth of our solutions, workflows, […]

  • Finding the red thread: Christian Grajewski, freelance designer and full-time creative

    Putting passion first. This German designer has built an intriguing career that reinforces a “creativity first” mindset. With an education in product and conceptual design, experience with Alias, and an internship (September 2007-February 2008) at the Volkswagen Group Future Center Europe GmbH, Christian believed he was set for the life of a permanent interior designer. […]

  • A car in 15 minutes

    Over the last few years, several technologies which massively speed up concept modeling have been added to Alias. These technologies include subdivision surfaces, Dynamo and Create VR. Inspired by this, some colleagues and I wanted to challenge ourselves: How detailed a car design could we create, when limited to a 15-minute time frame? We went […]

  • Behind the scenes with Mike Turner: Taking vehicle design off highway

    In 2021, we went behind the scenes with Senior Designer Mike Turner to hear about some of his work with VRED. These videos offer tips and processes for extending VRED’s value and experimenting with views and environments, the basics of data set-up and file import; artwork techniques to make your design pop; VRED environments, HDRIs […]

  • Car Design News “Car Design Dialogues 2022: Americas virtual event

    Car Design News hosted their first-ever Virtual Car Design Dialogues event last year in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region.  The event was very well attended, and there were a host of companies represented. While the world is slowly starting to open up, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is still making travel to automotive […]

  • Behind the Scenes with Mike Turner, Video 5: Retro Rendering with the 1980s DeLorean

    In this bonus episode of his first VRED series, DGDesign’s Senior Designer Mike Turner walks through how he created a “retro wave” aesthetic to show off a performance-ready DeLorean model. (Mike’s already talked us through getting into VRED for bespoke automotive design, importing data from Alias, working with backplates and other rendering approaches.) Mike starts […]

  • VRED 2022.3 release

    The 2022.3 release of VRED is now available for download to all subscribers.  This point release focused on: Data handling with improvements to Decore Improvements in the touch sensors for VR hands Rendering directly from a VR scene, as well as improvements in isolation mode Control over viewable content in the streaming app You can […]