Autodesk Industrialized Construction (IC) Curriculum

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Autodesk Education February 4, 2022 1 min read

What is Industrialized Construction?

Amid a booming global population, rapid urbanization, finite natural resources, and the reality of climate change, the current built environment is neither scalable nor sustainable to meet the global demand for buildings and infrastructure. To mitigate these issues, architects, engineers, contractors, and owners have started a movement to embrace industrialized construction (IC), which is the application of manufacturing techniques to the built environment. This convergence of construction and manufacturing promises faster project delivery, less physical waste, and more predictable outcomes. As the means of production changes, the future of work will require new teams, roles, and skills supporting industrialized construction.

Introducing the Autodesk Industrialized Construction (IC) Curriculum

We’re excited to announce our new Industrialized Construction (IC) curriculum. This free learning resource explores the megatrends shaping IC and the business model transformation needed to support the shift to productization in construction. This course was developed in collaboration with Autodesk’s Amy Marks, VP, Industrialized Construction, Queen of Prefab, and Anil Sawhney, Ph.D. PMP FRICS FHEA, Program Lead at RICS.

While this modular curriculum is open to anyone interested in learning industrialized construction (IC), it is designed to be delivered as an instructor-led course for graduate-level students. The seven-module course contains 25 hours of required multimedia assignments that can be completed in one semester or less.

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