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Injection Molding: The Causes of Warpage

Identifying warpage is one of the easiest aspects of injection molding. Understanding the cause is a little more complicated. Here’s a close look at the sources of warpage and how to prevent it.

Anyone, including the average consumer, can detect when a part that should be naturally flat is bowed or twisted right after manufacturing.

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Dynamics that Affect the Shrinkage of Injection Molded Parts

As all mold engineers know, shrinkage is an unfortunate fact of life. All plastics shrink as they cool from viscous liquids to solids, and every type of plastic shrinks in a slightly different way. And while eliminating shrinkage is impossible, minimizing it is essential for molding parts accurately.


Kilroy Kristen

Mold Surface Finish Defects

Creating successful molded plastic components is never easy. When your project starts, much of the focus is on mechanical and functional criteria. Will the part work the way it is designed to? Will it serve its intended purpose? But even if you develop a mechanically sound and perfectly functioning part,

Kilroy Kristen

How to reduce risk of failure on a new injection moulding project

In my career as a simulation engineer I’ve helped businesses of all sizes to successfully deliver projects by applying CAE software. In this post I’m going to explore some of the most common issues I see, and how to prevent them.

New product introduction is supposed to go like this:

  1. Design a product
  2. Make a mould tool
  3. Produce parts
  4. Go to market

“If only!”

Louis Barnes

The Decision Center: Your Compass to Design Innovation

Every week I meet up with my customers to understand how they use CFD to see if I can help add value to their simulation process. I have noticed it is not uncommon for me to hear that they do not use the Decision Center, and are also unaware of what it is,

Corey Gulley


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