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Under the Hood - All things PDM and PLM

Introducing Upchain Cloud PDM and PLM All in One

Christa Prokos
August 8, 2021

On May 12, Autodesk completed its acquisition of Upchain, a provider of instant-on, cloud-based product lifecycle management and product data management solutions. We’re so excited to introduce you to Upchain, now part of the Autodesk product portfolio.

The addition of Upchain accelerates Autodesk’s mission to deliver the next-generation software platform for design and manufacturing. Upchain helps create more value for Autodesk customers by removing collaboration barriers and increasing efficiency and resiliency.

Upchain is cloud-native and bridges gaps in data and process management

You may be wondering how Upchain is different from other PDM and PLM systems. Upchain is native to the cloud, offers a differentiated data experience that is open and extensible, and bridges gaps in data and process management workflows. Upchain provides out-of-the-box functionality that works quickly for a customer’s needs, without requiring long software installations or time-consuming customizations.

Upchain connects teams with multi-CAD integration

Upchain helps manufacturers manage complexity across teams by putting data at the center of the product development process. Multi-CAD product development environments are common across manufacturers and supply chains. A key benefit of Upchain is that it integrates with a broad range of mechanical and electrical CAD tools from different software providers as well as non-CAD tools. This means that teams can keep working in the CAD and business tools they’re comfortable with and collaborate more efficiently.

Automate your processes without changing how you work with Upchain

Workflows control your processes and keep projects moving, but if they’re cumbersome or missing information, they can do more harm than good.  Upchain allows you to create repeatable, reliable, and traceable processes to manage your company-specific workflows. Simply put, Upchain provides instant-on PDM and PLM that adapts to your needs.

This quick introduction is just the first of more posts to come. Bookmark our blog and stay tuned for more about Upchain.


Visit our new Upchain product center.

Christa Prokos

Christa is a product marketing manager at Autodesk. She researches and writes about product development strategies and technologies, including data management and product lifecycle management. Outside work, you can find Christa gravitating toward engineers at social gatherings.