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Digital Transformation Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Alexandra Maraldo
January 5, 2022

Digital transformation doesn't have to be difficult

With many manufacturing companies starting 2022 off with digital transformation initiatives, the individuals tasked with this initiative often feeling overwhelmed by the undertaking. Digital transformation doesn’t have to be hard, though. On the contrary, it should make everyone’s lives easier. We know completely digitizing your processes and documentation can feel like a huge task. If you take it one step at a time, though, it can be an exciting and rewarding process. Here are a few reasons digital transformation is probably a lot easier than you think it is:

You’ve likely already started

That’s right, whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably already taken your first steps into the process of digital transformation. Whether it’s centralizing all your files on a drive, or moving processes to the cloud, there are countless ways that most companies are already starting to digitize their processes, documents, and IP. Before you start feeling overwhelmed spearheading a new initiative, take stock of what has already been done. Once you get a good understanding of how you’ve started your journey, work from that baseline. This will give you a good understanding of the current status of the company, places where there is room for improvement, and a more holistic view of your tech stack which will come in handy later.

Don’t “Rip and Replace” Unless Absolutely Necessary

Your coworkers will thank you for this, I promise. People get comfortable working in tools they know. Unless there is a significant reason to change your processes, try to find software that integrates with what you have. This is where taking inventory of your existing tech stack comes in handy. It’s a good idea to look into the software you have, what people are happy with, and what they’d change. Surveys can be helpful here. Asking for input makes employees across the company feel like they have a voice in the changes that impact them and you will get a better idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your tech stack from people who work with it every day. Win-win scenario. Working with what you already have and allowing employees to work in the software they’re comfortable with will not only increase adoption of new technology, but will save you the time and money associated with retraining people to use new software that may have been unnecessary or redundant.

Take your digital transformation journey one step at a time

Digital transformation is, like we said in our last post, a journey. It is something that will probably never be finished. Rather than having that be a terrifying concept, think of it as unlimited growth potential. Digital transformation doesn’t have to be a “big bang” style change, it can, and should, happen gradually. The digital transformation process is often more effective when taken on in smaller steps than a “one and done” project. As the person in charge of a digital transformation initiative you are in a unique position to impact the future of the company. Take advantage of this opportunity and set your company up for continued success into the future!


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Alexandra Maraldo

Alex is a marketing manager at Autodesk specialising in PLM and PDM solutions.