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Under the Hood - All things PDM and PLM

Autodesk Upchain 22.3 delivers additional functionality that will benefit Admins, Authors, and Participants alike. Read on to learn more.

Upchain 22.3 Design Process Improvements

Add-in Performance

Whether it’s at check-in/checkout, editing the BOM, or even automated tasks like translation files, many areas have received improved performance, some even as much as 60x Faster than in previous releases.

Figure 1 – Add-in Performance Improvements

Enhanced Content Center Workflow

In the 22.2 release, we added support for Inventor Content Center files. Now in 22.3, we’ve enhanced this capability by adding support for Inventor Project Settings, including its Content Center filepath locations. This will allow you to update local workspaces with the most recently managed Content Center files in Upchain, and make for an easier transition from an existing Content Center workflow if you didn’t already have a PDM system in place.

Figure 2 – Enhanced Content Center Support

Improved Inventor Suppressed File Support

22.2 also introduced Inventor Suppressed file support. 22.3 expands on that by reading the suppressed file structure, storing it Upchain, and uploading the suppressed files. Additionally, you can create items for suppressed files and add them to the Bill of Material.

Figure 3 – Improved Inventor Suppressed File Support

Upchain 22.3 Design Release & Requisition Process Enhancements

Change Request Improvements

For companies that have complex process workflows, improvements have been made to the Change Requests workspace to address some of these challenges, namely through increasing the threshold of Items that those workflows can handle, working with Released Items without CAD data attached, and allowing users to see changes in Item history when the part is being changed.

Figure 4 – Enhancements for Complex Workflows

Remove Lock Improvements

We’ve improved the ability for admins to deal with locks that can cause disruption. Firstly, we’ve enabled functionality to clear locks for tenants that use SolidWorks configurations. Next we’ve improved communication of these actions by providing email notifications to users whose locks were cleared and logged into the Item history.

Figure 5 – Remove Lock Improvements

Design Collaboration Enhancements

For Design Collaboration, the 2D Viewer in the Supplier Portal has added a measuring capability. For the general viewer, you’ll notice the new Edit, Fill & Sign, as well as Forms toolbars to further communicate and collaborate with stakeholders.

Figure 6 – 2D Viewer Enhancements

Usability Improvements

Little things add up to big impact, and whether it’s improved Change Notice Filtering for orphaned items, better effectivity date filtering, or visual confirmation or attached CAD model data for Bulk Export, you’ll see our commitment to continually improving our products based on your feedback and suggestions.

Figure 7 – Usability Improvements

Learn more about Upchain 22.3

See more details about all of the new Upchain 22.3 features and enhancements, as well as previous releases, on our Upchain Release Notes site.

Share your feedback about Autodesk Upchain 22.3

To help you get the most from your Autodesk Upchain subscription, we release new functionality to you as soon as it’s available as a ‘point’ release between yearly releases.

To make sure we’re working on your priorities, be sure to give us your feedback. You can join the following communities to share feedback and product improvement requests with our Autodesk Upchain product team:

Upchain Ideas – Submit your ideas for improvements and new features.

Upchain Forums – Discuss Autodesk Upchain’s current workflows with our technical teams and your peers.

Bruce Buck

Bruce is a technical marketing manager at Autodesk. Prior to Autodesk, he spent many years in industry as a Product Designer, CAD Administrator, and Systems Implementer. His focus is on Data & Process tools such as PLM & PDM solutions.